Montara Hospitality Group Sets New Benchmark for Sustainable Dining in Phuket

Culinary lineup includes MICHELIN-awarded PRU and JAMPA alongside exciting new additions.

PHUKET, Thailand (March 21, 2024) – Montara Hospitality Group, the visionary owner of the prestigious Trisara resort, is spearheading a transformative sustainable dining movement in Phuket.

The group's collection of acclaimed culinary concepts, including the highly regarded PRU and JAMPA, exhibits a philosophy of culinary excellence and environmental sustainability. Montara Hospitality Group's food and beverage venues are all passionate about providing sustainably grown local artisanal produce, which the company refers to as "human-centric hospitality."

Montara Hospitality Group has also earned a reputation for prioritizing sustainability at its food and beverage venues, with a substantial proportion of produce sourced from its 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa organic farm, located within the Tri Vananda boundaries.

"Culinary excellence becomes truly enriching when it harmonizes with the planet,” says Jimmy Ophorst, the Executive Chef at PRU. “At PRU we aim to bring our guests closer to the best ingredients Thailand has to offer.”

Montara Hospitality Group has long been known for its creative, conscientious approach to culinary. PRU, the signature restaurant, remains the only MICHELIN Red Star restaurant in Phuket, a status it has retained for six consecutive years. Recently relocated within Trisara, PRU, provides a one-of-a-kind community-to-fork experience, encouraging open interactions between chefs and guests and exemplifying transparency in the world of fine dining.

Another Montara Hospitality asset, the Tri Vananda wellness community, is home to JAMPA whose creed of "locally grown ingredients, live fire, and zero waste cuisine” has earned it a MICHELIN Green Star. JAMPA —overseen by chef Rick Dingen— is a beacon for zero-waste, farm-to-table, live-fire cooking. It innovates by using only live fire to transform local ingredients, almost entirely sourced from the Pru Jampa organic farm.

“Sustainable fine dining is a celebration of flavor that extends beyond the palate,” says Dingen. “It embraces the responsibility to nourish not only discerning tastes but also the delicate balance of our environment.”

These venues are being complemented by respective new, exciting concepts, such as the Mediterranean-inspired beachside venue CIELO — translating to “paradise” in Spanish. It shines through its commitment to contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, prepared by executive chef, Worawit “Notty” Rattanachoochoke with locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and producers to showcase the best of Asia’s bounty.

A refined Thai homestyle dining experience, Seafood at Trisara (SaT), where the finest locally sourced ingredients are utilized for Southern Thai recipes that have been passed down through generations. Seafood At Trisara showcases the phenomenal seasonal ingredients Phuket and Thailand has to offer, both on land and sea.

Another new concept, DALA — which is named after the torch ginger flower indigenous to Phuket — showcases Thai flavors offering cocktails and coffee crafted from local terpenes and pan-Asian bites, alongside breathtaking sunset views. At DALA guests can observe the artistry of the bartenders and baristas as they craft exquisite drinks using local ingredients.

Montara Hospitality is confident the group’s spread of concepts can put Phuket firmly on the radar of conscientious gourmands worldwide. Indeed, all its food and beverage venues follow the group’s “Dine Good Do Good” philosophy which embraces the sourcing of local ingredients, using artisanal suppliers and being more ethically responsible.

“For those seeking a blend of gastronomic and ethical enlightenment, Trisara is not merely a destination but an immersive journey into the future of sustainable dining,” concludes chef Notty.

About Trisara Phuket

Trisara Phuket is part of Montara Hospitality Group and is Phuket's most exclusive pool villa beach resort. Trisara, meaning “The Garden in The Third Heaven” in Sanskrit, is set in a protected nature preserve surrounded by a tropical forest, exotic gardens and the sparkling Andaman Sea. The resort features 60 spacious ocean facing pool villas and private residences, a private beach, Jara Spa, three unique dining venues including PRU, the only MICHELIN-Starred restaurant in Southern Thailand and an organic on-site garden. Located just 15 minutes from Phuket Airport, Trisara represents a peaceful and secluded departure just outside the tourist-centric town.

About Montara Hospitality

Behind Montara Hospitality Group is a Thai family that takes great pride in sharing Thailand's natural and cultural heritage. Guests experience sincere and innovative services that will bring them joy, and the group develops best-in-class hospitality platforms that connect investors, lifestyle travellers, and innovative hoteliers. Montara's properties include Phuket's most exclusive pool villa beach resort TRISARA, and its newest luxury residential development with hospitality services, TRI VANANDA, an innovative community for people seeking permanent wellness in Phuket. Montara's social enterprises include Bangkok's only river mansion boutique hotel, PRAYA PALAZZO, and the innovative movie house-turned-hotel PRINCE THEATRE HERITAGE STAY in Bangrak. Montara has also developed innovative restaurants with its "Dine Good Do Good" philosophy, including PRU, a Michelin Star restaurant since 2019, a MICHELIN Green Star since 2021, and on Asia's Top 100 Best Restaurants List, as well as JAMPA, a MICHELIN Green Star restaurant awarded in 2022, in its first year of operations.

Dishes at CIELO are inspired by the famously light and vibrant food traditions of the Mediterranean
Dishes at CIELO are inspired by the famously light and vibrant food traditions of the Mediterranean

Rick Dingen’s exquisite zero-waste cuisine has made JAMPA one of Thailand’s hottest tables
Rick Dingen’s exquisite zero-waste cuisine has made JAMPA one of Thailand’s hottest tables

Chef Jimmy Ophorst (centre) and his team retained PRU’s status as the only MICHELIN red star restaurant in Phuket
Chef Jimmy Ophorst (centre) and his team retained PRU’s status as the only MICHELIN red star restaurant in Phuket


### PRU: Culinary Transparency
PRU is the first and one of the only establishments to have garnered both a Michelin red star and a sustainability green star, serving as a living example of the future we all aim for. Recently relocated within the resort, the new PRU showcases a community-to-fork experience that encourages candid conversations between chefs and guests, embodying an often-elusive transparency in luxury dining. While celebrating the exceptional locally sourced ingredients from around Thailand, where every dish is a treasure to be discovered, supporting its communities at large showcasing artisanal products throughout the guest journey beyond just its cuisine.

### JAMPA: Farm-to-Table at its Finest
An extension to TRISARA, guests can also visit JAMPA restaurant, home to their sustainable Pru Jampa farm as well. With a Michelin Green Star and 25Best Restaurants Phuket award, Jampa is a beacon for zero-waste, farm-to-table, live-fire cooking, manifesting what is sustainable culinary artistry. Offering yet another exclusively unique experience exploring its farm, being a part of the journey collecting ingredients that is expertly crafted into a special menu in an open kitchen with live fire at Hideaway by Jampa, overlooking the lake at Pru Jampa farm. Open every Saturday exclusively for lunch.
### CIELO: A Paradise with a Purpose
CIELO—translating to "paradise" in Spanish—complements TRISARA's lush environment just steps away from the beach. It stands apart through its commitment to contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, prepared using locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and producers to showcase the best of our region's bounty. Savor the tastes of the Mediterranean and beyond as the Sunday Brunch feast offers live jazz, sustainable indulgences, complete with open spa and salon services for a full-day affair. Available to enjoy every week at Cielo.
### DALA: A Toast to Local Flora
Named after the Torch Ginger flower indigenous to Phuket, DALA showcases Thai flavors offering cocktails and coffee crafted from local terpenes and pan-Asian bites, alongside breathtaking sunset views. Observe the artistry of the bartenders and baristas creating exquisite cocktails and craft brews, artfully infusing Thai local ingredients with every sip. With a dedicated tapas menu using locally sourced ingredients to complete the experience at this vibrant bistro and bar.
### Seafood at Trisara(SAT): The Taste of Tradition
A Thai homestyle dining experience, "SaT" embraces the heritage of traditional Southern Thai recipes that have been passed down through generations. Celebrating the phenomenal seasonal ingredients the island has to offer, both on land and sea, supporting its local communities. Proving that innovation can also involve the preservation of tradition.
### Pru Jampa Farm: Actionable sustainability
Experience the essence of sustainability and freshness at Trisara’s farm established nearly 10years ago: Pru Jampa Farm. Where nature's bounty takes center stage and provides seasonal produce for all of Trisara’s restaurants, be it local herbs, fruits or vegetables and beyond.


Jimmy Ophorst/PRU
Jimmy Ophorst, Executive Chef of PRU Restaurant in Phuket, is celebrated for his role in advancing Thailand's farm-to-table movement. Hailing from the Netherlands, Chef Jimmy, 33, is known for his innovative cooking style. Joining Trisara in 2016, he spearheaded the creation of PRU. Twice a semi-finalist for S. Pellegrino’s Young Chefs Award, Jimmy started his career at Hotel Beach Elzenduin in the Netherlands. Arriving in Thailand in 2012, he launched Seafood at Trisara before working at Gaggan in Bangkok. PRU earned a Michelin star in 2018 and later received the first Michelin Green Star in Thailand in 2021 for its sustainability efforts. Chef Jimmy emphasizes a 'Dine Good, Do Good' philosophy, prioritizing local, seasonal ingredients and minimizing waste. In 2023, PRU moved to a new location, breaking down barriers between kitchen and dining area for transparency. Chef Jimmy's team showcases rare Thai ingredients, emphasizing biodiversity. Adjacent to Trisara Resort, PRU remains Phuket's top dining destination.

Rick Dingen/JAMPA
Originally from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Rick Dingen apprenticed in local restaurants before working his way up through various prestigious kitchens including MICHELIN-starred La Rive and the InterContinental Amsterdam and the MICHELIN-starred De Heer Kocken. On a month-long holiday in Thailand, Chef Rick developed an appetite for a new challenge. He joined the kitchens of the celebrated Bangkok restaurant Savelberg, which was awarded a MICHELIN Star while he was working there as Chef de Cuisine. Further stints at the acclaimed Haoma and elevated steakhouse Madison developed his fire cooking skills and creativity. Chef Rick joined the Montara team to launch JAMPA, bringing his experience in fine dining restaurants, use of local produce and woodfire cooking skills to turn the concept into a one-of-a-kind dining destination in Phuket.

Worawit Rattanachoochoke (Chef Notty)/Cielo
Chef Notty, also known as Worawit Rattanachoochoke, serves as Chef de Cuisine at Cielo Restaurant in Trisara, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine infused with local ingredients and international culinary techniques. Beginning his career as a commis chef at Trisara in 2012, Chef Notty's passion and dedication led him to PRU Restaurant, a One Michelin Star establishment, where he honed his skills in "farm to table" dining. He then interned at LE DU, a Michelin-starred Modern Thai Cuisine restaurant, enhancing his proficiency in Thai cooking methods and local ingredient sourcing. Joining Acqua in 2018, Chef Notty delved into Italian cuisine under Chef Alessandro's guidance. Later, he co-founded Jampa restaurant, focusing on wood-fired cooking and sustainability. Collaborating with Chef Yannick Hollenstein at Larome by the Sea further enriched his expertise in seafood preparation and French culinary techniques. At Cielo, Chef Notty combines his diverse culinary journey, blending Thai authenticity, Italian finesse, woodfire mastery, and seafood expertise to create Mediterranean dishes with locally sourced ingredients, offering a unique fusion of Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

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