Lunar New Year Dining & Hampers Guide by Marriott Bonvoy

Flavours of Prosperity:

Lunar New Year Dining & Hampers Guide by Marriott Bonvoy
Marriott Bonvoy curates a blend of Oriental flavors, a culinary experience for unforgettable family celebrations.

Lunar New Year Dining & Hampers Guide by Marriott Bonvoy

As the celestial grandeur of the Year of the Dragon unfurls, Marriott Bonvoy is delighted to share sumptuous celebrations across its participating restaurants in Indonesia. Guests are invited to indulge in an epicurean feast, where gastronomic excellence converges with the profound traditions that illuminate the Lunar New Year festivities.

In these highlighted dining celebrations across the country, Marriott Bonvoy invites guests to partake in more than just a meal – it's a special occasion to share love and prosperity at every table. Each meticulously crafted dish is a testament to the commitment to creating memorable experiences that resonate with the spirit of the season.

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Lunar New Year Buffet; More Prosperity for Family Celebrations

Guests in Jakarta can experience the Sakura & Lantern six-course Omakase set menu at Henshin or indulge in a sumptuous dinner crafted by Chef Denny Gunawan at Anigre Restaurant. For those in Bali, a unique collaboration between Tabia Restaurant and Djie Tjap Noodle will surely fulfill the appetite of the whole family. Another option is a lavish Lunar New Year buffet at Daily Social that serves a complimentary Yee Sang platter, free-flow Chinese tea, and a live band performance. Families in Bandung should savor the captivating 'Taste of Shanghai' at Feast Restaurant, where every dish tells a tale of tradition and culinary finesse. Meanwhile, in Surabaya, Magnolia Restaurant presents an Imperial Chinese New Year Dinner with classic Chinese favorite dishes. In Yogyakarta, Androwino Bistro offers an array of Asian-inspired dishes with multiple live stations serving traditional Chinese delights. Even in Lampung, guests will embrace the spirit of the Year of the Dragon with a mesmerizing Lion Dance performance and Mandarin live music at Pandan Wangi Restaurant.

Cheers to Prosperity

Guests can elevate their Lunar New Year experience with intimate gatherings at The Drawing Room of The St. Regis Jakarta, where the refined ambiance sets the stage for the festivity. The exclusive Chinese New Year celebration afternoon tea promises an indulgence of enticing creations, featuring symbolic delights like the Watermelon Money Bag and Ricotta & Prunes.

For those seeking an oceanic backdrop to celebrate the Lunar New Year, The Ritz-Carlton Lounge & Bar of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali also invites guests to indulge in a themed afternoon tea. Meanwhile, The St. Regis Bar Bali presents curated treats and teas by the acclaimed Pastry Chef Vincent Stopin; And de Balé Lounge & Bar invites guests to savor exquisite mocktails and cocktails, creating an enchanting and memorable sensory experience.

These intimate celebrations with loved ones, accompanied by meticulously crafted treats and delightful teas, offer a perfect blend of tradition and luxury to usher in the Year of the Dragon.

Gifts of Abundance

Lunar New Year Dining & Hampers Guide by Marriott Bonvoy

Unlock the art of meaningful gifting with Chinese New Year Hampers, expertly presented by five esteemed restaurants: PA.SO.LA Restaurant, Jade Chinese Restaurant, Anigré Restaurant, Rosé Gourmand Deli, and The Eatery Restaurant, and more. Overflowing with traditional delights and symbolic treasures, these hampers serve as perfect expressions of good wishes for the loved ones.

Each meticulously crafted hamper encapsulates the essence of the season, featuring an array of delectable treats that symbolize prosperity, luck, and joy. From exquisite teas to artisanal snacks and auspicious delights, these hampers are designed to bring delight to the recipient and honor the traditions of the Lunar New Year. Whether presented to family, friends, or business associates, each hamper carries the warmth of well-wishes, making it a meaningful and cherished gift to usher in a year filled with abundance and happiness.

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