Raffles Jakarta Proudly Unfurls its Ramadan Tapestry

Raffles Jakarta proudly unfurls its Ramadan tapestry: a sumptuous blend of tradition and luxury, kindled by the heartfelt spirit of the sacred month. Distinguished guests are invited to a reverent and refined celebration that harmonises the hotel’s storied history with the reflective time of Ramadan. From 10 March – 9 April 2024, explore a month-long curated dining programme at Arts Café by Raffles and The Writers Bar, and from 18 March – 3 April 2024, embark on a Turkish culinary journey at Bosphorus Nights on Two.

Raffles Exclusive Hampers
In a sublime homage to the art of giving, Raffles Jakarta presents its Ramadan Hampers, enshrined in sage chests that whisper tales of elegance and cultural reverence. From the Raffles Signature Lapis Legit to the sumptuously assembled Raffles Gold Hamper, these treasures embody the sanctity and joy of Ramadan Mubarak.

Raffles Jakarta proudly unfurls its Ramadan tapestry

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